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The Department of Veteran’s Affairs appreciates the excellent work of M.E.R.I.T, Inc. in the replacement of AHU/HTR/PLUM Systems at the VA Medical Center…” “…Working in an occupied bldg. requires patience and flexibility and M.E.R.I.T. Inc.’s team possesses both qualities, consistently demonstrating a high level of care about the timely progress of the renovation.J. Murillo, Gen. Eng., US Dept. of Veterans Affairs.
The contractor (M.E.R.I.T. Inc.) exhibited sensitivity for the protection of the historic fabric and artifacts which were in the lab during the time of the work…” “Based upon the performance of M.E.R.I.T., Inc. in completing this contract, I would recommend them to anyone seeking a general contractor.K. Merchant, C/O, National Park Service.