MERIT is owned and operated by security experts with more than 70 years of experience covering the whole security spectrum. Its expertise covers  commercial, residential, industrial and institutional, for the private and the public sectors nationally and internationally. Our staff consists of highly trained and experienced law enforcement and professional security experts certified in Security Management, Physical Security, Cyber Security and Digital Forensics.
The information age is maturing into the age of universal data. Our affinity to information ubiquity is redefining the business rules and the workplace. Unfortunately, there are other unpleasant realities.
Since its inception MERIT has striven to improve its services to its clientele through advanced training, experience, staff development and state of the art equipment. Our goal is simple to provide the very best services to our clients at reasonable and competitive prices.
Our Security Consultants have security vulnerability expertise across diverse industry infrastructure. They have helped clients plan their security programs, established compliance monitoring, and optimized their security infrastructure operations
MERIT headquarters is on New Jersey Institute of Technology campus, working closely with Academia and managing several technology incubators for further research in the whole security continuum.

security_camera_209902Closed Circuit Television Systems: M.E.R.I.T. Designs and Installs CCTV systems, Access Control Systems, and State-of the-Art Biometric Scanning systems for ingress and egress of properties needing mid-to-high level security protocols.